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Re: Re: Marriott Waiohai-Kauai @ Poipu

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I'll add to the Waiohai/Poipu discussion:There is a nice 'snackbar' on the pool deck that has burgers, snacks etc.... not dinner, but certainly beach lunch.The restaurants and other shops (including a mini-mart with liq/beer) is across and down the street about 1/4 mile or so.  The street is now 25mph and patrolled pretty regularly.  It's safe.  There is also a shuttle service (golf cart) that can be found with a web search (google poipu free shuttle).  He needs about $2 each trip/person.There are many nice restaurants within 5 miles.  The small Koloa fish market is incredible for a takeaway lunch with fish or pork.  OMG it's really good for $8-11.  One of the best restaurants on the island is Beach House (yes, some disagree, but don't go to EAT right at sunset).  Short cab/drive away.The beach/trail along poipu is really amazing.