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I?m thinking of purchasing the minimum 1500 VC points. I would like to minimize maintenance fees and maximize my vacation potential.  With this scenario I have a few questions I hope someone can answer:1. Would it be a good strategy to rent points every year to go to my destinations?2. Are large lumps of points..say 5500 +/- usually readily available more than 12 months in advance?3. If so and I were able to ?roll? 7000 + points in my account year after year, would I be able to take advantage of ?Premier Plus? status to book out 13 months in advance?Thank you!

1.  Yes....once you are a DC club member....renting points is the most cost effective way to leverage up your membership.  It affords you the ability to add as many, or as few points are you may need in any given year, for approximately what the MF's would be on the points if you owned them (but without the upfront purchase costs to obtain them if you were to own them).2.  Historically yes.  There are some mega owners like TimG and a couple others who have large sums of points in any given year.  Likely way more than they could ever totally get rid of.  Then there are others with chunks of 3000+ or 5000+ points that roll in and out of the rental game as their needs allow in any given year.  I have never seen supply to be a problem here on VPE.3.  Rented points do not count toward ownership status, only owned points do.