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yes, Aruba.  However, the weeks can be converted to points at a slightly lesser overall value than the actual point requirements for the stays...actually the "gold" 3 bedroom week in the bundle is break-even or slightly higher on conversion for most dates in Gold.  Are there any significant caveats that i should be aware of with this type of purchase?

Yeah, getting converted points at a value slightly less than actual requirements if you were to book a ressie is something called "The Skim" over on TUG.  Its there in almost all circumstances for nearly all enrolled weeks and it is what it is.  I have not heard of any issues with the Aruba enrolled weeks, so no red flags from my understanding.Quick question.....are you in love with Aruba and see yourself often using your owned weeks (perhaps at least every other or every third year), or did you just find the deal intriguing as a way to get into the system at the $10 per point cost?  The reason I ask is that through Marriott Resales Department (https://www.marriottvacationclub.com/resales/index.shtml) many have done a hybrid deal, where you buy a resale week from Marriott's Resale department, AND you buy a bundle of points which closely approximate the point value of the week.  Many have done a deal in that fashion at a price per point of around $7 or less in some instances.  I don't believe they peddle Aruba week (at least they don't list any on the site I linked), but if you are not married to Aruba, perhaps a better overall deal can be had.  Figured it was worth a mention.