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Thank you for the answers Sir!So, this leads me to believe that the only benefit to having the larger sums of VCP's is the early booking privileges?  I'm examining all options and trying to decide what would best fit my needs both financially and intrinsically.  I presently have an offer for a guaranteed couple of weeks with a very popular home resort advantage in platinum season.  The 2 weeks have a trade in point value of over 6800 at right around $10/pt.  The most concerning complaint that i read on the various bb's is the lack of availability at many destinations.  I'm trying to decide if having the advantage in booking the 2 weeks in this season is worth the extra costs as opposed to renting the points and trying my luck each year. as stated above, i am flexible and have no problem booking 11-12 months in advance but, like anyone else, i do prefer certain seasons to go on vacation.  I also see many people booking fixed weeks and then attempting to rent them at this resort, in many cases pretty cheap..Trying to figure all this out is daunting, to say the least.  The MF's loom large and i would imagine a deal breaker for many people on the fence about going all in.thanks again!