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I just got this from Marriott site....still has me wondering about acquiring 2016 points prior to 2016 maintenance fee payment?Transferring Vacation Club Points (from Marriott):You may transfer some of or all of your Vacation Club Points to another Points Owner or Enrolled Owner.Both the Owner who is transferring the Vacation Club Points and the Owner who is receiving the Vacation Club Points must be current on all maintenance fees and Club Dues in order to complete the transaction.Transferred Vacation Club Points will retain the Use Year parameters of the Owner who transferred them.Once transferred, Vacation Club Points may not be banked, borrowed, transferred to another Points Owner or Enrolled Owner, or traded for Marriott Rewards points.

When they mean current, they mean that if the 2015 MF's have been invoiced and are due, theoretically they could prevent you from transferring points until you paid them (that was my example from above post).  But since they do not invoice 2016 MF's until Dec 2015 or Jan-Feb 2016 depending if they are Trust or Legacy points based, there is no way to have paid them.  MVC won't even allow you to pay them early.  So current means that you have paid all the fees that are currently invoiced and due. As for the points retaining the Use Year parameters of the original owner, that simply means that if you have non calendar Use Year points (say your Trust points run from Oct-Sept) and you rent Legacy points (with a calendar Use Year), the rented points would maintain that calendar Use Year, so you could have points with 2 different Use Years in your account.  I encounter this all the time....you just have to make sure you know when you plan to use the points and are able to manage multiple Use Year start and end dates.  If you have only Legacy points and are renting Legacy points, its a non issue.