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Now, another concern pops up.....what if I were to rent 2016 points and the renter ultimately did not pay their 2016 maintenance fee after the transfer?I wonder if the 2016 points could even be transferred at this early a date?

They can be transferred.  I rented what 2016 points I needed back in June of 2014.  Once the points have been transferred into your account, they are your points to use.  Even if the person you rented them from did not pay his MF's for the future year that you are renting, the points in your account are secure.  Look at it this way as exaggerated comparison.  You can borrow points from 2016 and use them for a vacation in 2015.  When your 2016 MF's roll around, if you don't pay them, MVC can only come back after you for payment, they can't take away the vacation that you already took.  MVC allows for usage prior to paying MF's.  I don't believe all timeshare companies allow this, but MVC always has.I don't believe you have any concerns.