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Re: Re: Legacy Points – Trust Points – Destinations Points??? Confused

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The way they system works is there are certain weeks owned by the Trust.  There are also weeks (likely many more weeks) that are available via Enrolled weeks owners electing to deposit their week into the Destinations program to obtain points to use in the program.  Then there is an Exchange Company (run my MVC) that manages the internal MVC reservation system, etc.  Once a week hits the Exchange Company inventory, it can be booked via Trust or Legacy points.  ALL enrolled weeks turned into points in any given year are immediately put into the Exchange inventory (again, that is most of the weeks available).  Also, from my observations, and others on TUG, it appears that all inventory in the Trust is moved into the Exchange at the 12 month mark.  Again, once in the Exchange, either points work.  At the opening of the 13 month advanced reservation window, some of the inventory (likely a percentage) is moved into the Exchange, but another percentage is left for only Trust owners to book.  It seems almost random as to when you might snag a week from the Trust inventory, and when you get one from the Exchange inventory in that 13 month window.  By reports, the vast majority of ressies in the 13 month window are from the Exchange.  I had a Grande Vista 2BR a couple years ago in the 13 month window that needed Trust points to get it, but other TUGgers (GregT who is a co-owner of Vacation Point Exchange) who has done much more research than I was almost certain that this very rare Maui Ocean Club 3BR unit could only be gotten via Trust points and when he booked it at 13 months, it came from the Exchange inventory... so we are still a little unsure of what is going on behind the scenes.  Do you plan to book in the 13 month window (ie are you Premier or Premier Plus or Standard and plan to pay the 20% point premium) or do you plan to book mostly when the 12 month window opens up.  If at 12 months, you will see no difference in my opinion.