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I went to Hawaii for the first time last December – Maui & Oahu.  For Maui, I rented a private condo and for Oahu, I stayed at Ko Olina.You will love Ko Olina ... it is soooo beautiful and peaceful there.  I found it wonderful to be able to retreat there at the end of long excursion days. Depending on your accommodation type, when the rep calls you, you will want to request something above the 10th floor.  Especially if ocean view ... then you do not get the noise from the pools and you are above the palm trees, so they do not block your view - some are very high:-)The staff is uber friendly ... I pestered them with questions on a daily basis and they patiently answered, looked things up for me or provided me with pamphlets and maps ... I was travelling alone. Do not be afraid to ask ... I even got to talking to the security guards one day to get info on the Billabong surf competition.  They drove me over in their golf cart to the valet stand cause they knew someone that worked there that came from a famous Hawaiian surf family ... he gave me all kinds of tips and such for the north shore surf Billabong competition that was going on!!There is a Safeway about 2 exits away off Farrington as chunkygal mentioned.  And just a block away is Costco with a smathering of restaurants in between the two.  The store on resort is very expensive.  Unless you are coming in really late, I would hit up the stores on the way to the resort ... you will already be tired, what is a little more.  Get it out of the way, you can sleep in the next morning if you want or get going right away instead of fussing with grocery shopping for half a day your first day there ... just my opinion.  I am going back in December and am coming from the east coast (10 hr flight), getting in at 3 pm ... by the time i get out, get my car, hit the stores, and check in it will probably be 7, just in time for a nice dinner at Longboards (on site restaurant) to watch sun go down and an early night.Not sure what you are planning on doing while in Oahu, but if you visit Hanauma Bay, keep in mind they are closed one day during the weekday - i think Tuesday or Wednesday.Hope you have a fabulous time !