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KL has great accomodations and the location is remote.  But it is no more remote than Kauai Beach Club.  It is located in Lihue and it appears to be centralized to the North Shore and South Shore.  You're about 50 minutes from Hanalea Bay, 30 minutes from Poipu, and 40 minutes from Waimea.The pool is small but it doesn't need to be big because there are only 78 units.  KBC has hundreds of units, if not over 1000.  KL is much more relaxed than KBC.  I'd say it's like the difference between Waikiki and Ko Olina.  I stayed at KL for 10 days and probably only spent 2 days at the KL Pool.  The other days were traveling to the different beaches and hikes.  We spent the evenings in at the pool and rarely went to the hot tub.I did overhear a salesmen say that when "Phase 2" starts, that KL will be building a bigger pool.  I never heard of a Phase 2 and as far as I understand, there will be some private estates as well as Ritz Carlton Residences/Estates/Home lots as well.If you want laid back, KL is the place to be.  It was very low stress.  I spent 2 days at KBC and while they have the nice big pool there, it was just too crowded.  Plus, you don't go to Kauai to go to the pool, but to go to the beaches.Would I come here again?  Yes.Would I pay the 6000+ points it would take for my 10 day stay?  Probably Not.  I got the 40% discount on this trip and only used 3500 points for the 10 days.Building A is closest to the Water and has 13 units that are Water Front, of which, only 9 are available through the DC system.  Of the 9 units, only 2 of them are 3 bedroom.  Marriott sold about 100 weeks in the Ocean Front units.  There were 3 whole ownerships sold.  The 2 bedrooms sold for $2 million and 2.1 Million.  The 3-Bedroom sold for $2.4 Million.  I've attached an image of the 2nd Floor 3 Bedroom Unit, looking straight out.  This is the Show Unit they use for the presentations.Building B is okay, I prefer not to be in it as it's more difficult to see around the other balconies to see the ocean.Building C is by the Pool.  We were in Unit 1316.  This unit was on the 3rd floor on the East side, above the lobby.  No one was above our Unit.  The noise by the pool wasn't bother-some but it did increase around 7pm - 10pm.  The staff clears everyone out of the pool at 10pm.  I?ve included an image from Unit 1316, where you can tell that I am angled slightly right to see the ocean.Island View Villa: Building A, B & C; first and second floors only.Ocean View Villa: Building A, B & C; third and fourth floors only.Ocean Front Villa: Building A; first through fourth floors. (East side is the Best, Units 1101 - 1104, 1201 - 1204, 1301-1304, 1401-1403)