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For Steve and Greg. Must Clarify.  The A building is the most Southeast (Assuming North is at the top of google maps) of the the Kauai Lagoons buildings - closest to the ocean and Ninini Lighthouse.  I believe Ocean Front units are in that building on 3 and 4th floors and the view would be outstanding - further from dormant Ritz etc., closer to ocean. We were in Building B on the 3th floor and the view was nothing to sneeze at - but we did see more grass and Ritz.  All of the brown in the map is now green.  The golf hole in front is complete, green and in good shape right up to the cart path you can see on the map.  The other buildings that you see to the right on the lagoon and on the most SE corner are mostly dormant - neatly painted and some new roofs, but otherwise boarded up except for the activities room and workout center.The jets come in over the lighthouse and put their brakes on not far to the east of Ninini Point Road.  We hardly heard them in our unit but they are quite noticeable on the golf course.  We found the helicopters more annoying.  They are quite high, but they go right over this property.  This would be the same in all buildings.Prevailing winds come from the East.  Quite strong while we were there.  The decks are on the protected side so really quite pleasant.  But, if you open all the doors, entrance and deck, all your stuff from the tables will be out front.The pool area and gardens are really much nicer than google makes it look