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Re: Re: Is it smart to purchase Marriott trust points from developer?

Ad Listings Forums General Questions Is it smart to purchase Marriott trust points from developer? Re: Re: Is it smart to purchase Marriott trust points from developer?


Just bought the minimum amount of trust points (1000) from Marriott.  Now am not sure if it was a smart thing to do.  I already own 2 legacy weeks worth 10,000 legacy points.  Sales rep said buying trust points would make me a hybrid owner and I'd have access to the entire inventory.  Don't really know if this is true.  Unfortunately I need some quick advice, as I only have a few days in which I could cancel my purchase contract. I just enrolled my legacy weeks, so I don't have any experience with the destination club yet.  I don't see myself buying any more points, so I will always be at the platinum level.- Is there any real value to me having the 1000 trust points? - I read in another topic that you wanted to buy trust points and not legacy points.  Are trust points better?Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

I believe there are only two reasons to buy Trust Points.1) If it allows you to achieve Premier Plus status (which is very valuable, in my opinion).  Premier is very valuable too, but there are some unique things to PP that are tremendous (ie, reservations less than 7 days, 13 months out)2) If you must access very scarce inventory, that will only be available to Trust Point owners 13 months out.Unfortunately, buying 1,000 Trust Points won't solve Point #2 for you, because what we have seen is that the entire reservation must be in Trust Points to secure the reservation.In the vast majority of reservation situations, Legacy Points work as well as Trust Points to secure a reservation.  Only in a few cases have we seen it make a difference.Personally, I am accumulating Trust Points via rental/trades from other users because I have a need to access scarce inventory (Point #2 above).In summary, I think you should rescind, and then simply rent the legacy points that you need, when you need them.  If you encounter a rare situation where you must have Trust Points, then you must be creative and find other Trust Point owners to work with.  I am fortunate that StevenTing and Fasttr are both open to renting/trading me their Trust Points, and I hope that it is mutually beneficial.Best,Greg