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Hi, and welcome.  You have a couple of significant questions that I will attempt to simplify for you.First, how many points did you purchase?  It does not matter where you purchased them from.  You will receive this number of points annually on your anniversary date and they will have an annual usage period that during this time they can be transferred to anyone in the destinations program, including those of us on this website.The typical price ranges from $.45-.55 per point to cover the maintenance fee costs (this may increase over time, as maintenance fees do increase).  If you bank points to the next year, you can't transfer them to anyone, so their usefulness to transfer is in the year of usage.  On this website you will see where you can list your points for rent and you'll need to share the period the points are applicable to and the price you're seeking.  Then, one of us will contact you if interested.  Transactions are typically done through PayPal and we have a good group on this website to assure a positive transaction environment.  Welcome - SeaDoc