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Hello Everyone,teshiachris from TUG.  I don't own any points but I joined to see just what the whole points thing is all about. I do own 3 weeks of timeshare, 2 of them with Marriott.  My first question is can someone who does not own any points purchase points resale?  Then how would one go about using them?  Lastly How do you know how many points you need?  I assume look up something and somewhere you want to go and figure out from points chart how much is needed??  Thanks in advance for any answers.Chris

Yes you can buy points resale but there are not many out there.  Any point resale purchase will have a minimum of $2600 in fees in addition to closing.  Marriott seems to have done this to reduce the number of resales, though we do not know if it was on purpose.  To fine out how many points you need for a reservation you could ask someone to look up a specific reservation for you.  Or you could look at the points chart.  In the Genera section, there is a thread called Destination Point Values for 2013/2014.  You can look it up that way as well. As far as using the points it's very straight forward.  Each day at a resort requires a certain number of points.  You put in the location you wish to visit, select a resort, select number of bedrooms, select view, select check in day with number of nights desired.  You can also select flexible check-in and it will show you other check in days that are available.  If I get a moment I'll see if I can take some screenshots.  --Sent using Tapatalk