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Pam8833:You are off to a good start joining here and on TUG.  Between what you will learn here, as well as on the Marriott Resort System threads on TUG, signing up on my-vacationclub.com is an obvious must.  At my-vacationclub.com you will find online tutorials, as well as the option to chat with Vacation Ownership Advisors who can help answer questions too.  That said, if ever in doubt when told something by a VOA that you are unsure of its correctness, don't hesitate to post a question here or on TUG as there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in both of those groups.  As for your "use" questions... so far, I have only used my DC points for booking within the Marriott Vacation Club system, and so far, that has been a great experience.  I like the ability to book today, and know that the reservation is confirmed immediately rather than having to wait for exchanges to come through as was the case before the points system kicked in (unless you had a dedicated week somewhere).  I have read several posts on TUG and elsewhere that make the cruises sound like not the best option for utilizing points.  Not sure about the other explorer vacations.  As for the II system, I believe using that would be very similar to what the system was like prior to the points system, and really opens up your available locations and resorts, but again, I have not experienced that through the DC yet, but have experienced II exchanges on occasion in the past, via my in-laws, and never had a bad experience doing that either.  That said, many non-Marriott resorts are often a notch or so below the Marriott resorts IMO.  Good luck and happy traveling!!