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Hi,I'm a newbie to time shares.  I have just joined TUG and this vacation point exchange.  I am looking forward to using your board to find out about Trust points.  We just spent time at the Maui Ocean Club and found it to be a wonderful vacation venue.  I am a beginner in the time share area.  Are there places to go to find out about how to use our points to get the most vacation for the dollar?  We are newly retired and we are open to different locations.  Is it most cost effective to use our points at MVC or on the other options such as explorer vacations or cruises.  We also received an interval international book.  Are these good choices?  I look forward to the posts on this site.  Thank you in advance for your insights!Pam

Pam,Welcome to VPE and welcome to the Marriott system.  Since you've found TUG and VPE, I think you've two solid sources of information -- and Fasttr has already given you some excellent feedback.The best use of your points (in my opinion) will be to use them within the Marriott Destinations Club system.  That is what they are designed for, and where they are "most powerful".  When you get into Interval International or trading for MRPs, you lose some of the features that make Marriott points valuable.Fundamentally, Marriott points allow you to make a reservation anywhere in the system (subject to availability), in your exact room size, view and check-in date.  Other timeshare systems have different advantages and disadvantages, but Marriott has structured an attractive usage system.Marriott points have value -- your Trust Points can be rented easily to third parties, and a general range would be $0.50 - $0.65 per point.  So if you have extra points, you can rent those to a third party, or if you are short points, you can rent them from a third party.You will maximize your Marriott points by traveling "off-season", as Marriott will require less points for the reservation if you are traveling in a less demanded season.  As an example, a 1BR Ocean View in Aruba is 1,775 points if you can travel in October (still great weather) versus 2,975 for that same room in February -- because of the difference in traveler demand.Marriott understands the supply/demand really well and makes point requirements high for their best units -- a 2BR Ocean Front unit in the new towers in Maui is 8,650 points -- that's a lot of points.  Points users will study the charts looking for "opportunities" -- such as 5-day reservations from Sunday - Thursday, which are often at a lower requirements.  In the example above, the 5 night reservation is 5,500 points, and then adding Fri/Saturday for Maui is the additional 3,150 points.  Marriott point users will quickly determine what is important -- View?  Day 6 and 7? New buildings versus established properties?  There is a lot to learn, but it has been (mostly) fun for those of us who have invested the time and love these crazy things.Thanks again and welcome to VPE!Best,Greg