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You can do almost anything via the my-vacationclub.com site.  Look at availability, book reservations, bank points, borrow points, etc, etc.  They also have the ability to call in, but I rarely ever do that as I find the online booking system so easy.As for the II reservations, again, I am no expert on those, but it is my understanding you would need to put in a request for a few potential resorts and weeks you were interested in, and assuming there was no immediately available weeks with the resort/date combo you are looking for (which I believe is rare), you wait until a possible exchange comes through.  Sometimes the wait can be months.  I like to book and know immediately, so I can get on with booking flights, etc.  Regarding combining Trust points and Legacy points, yes, those can be combined.  In most instances, you will find no issues, but people have seemed to experience an occasional issue in the 13 month window where a select group of reservation can only be booked with Trust points.  Then at 12 months, many of those seem to get deposited into the Exchange Company for any and all points to get them.  At least that's the present consensus on how it works.  As for converting DC points into MR points, most will tell you that is not the best use of them.  I believe the conversion is 1 Trust Point = 32 MR points, so in doing the math, it does not seem like a good value IMO.Banking of your points can easily be done online or by calling a VOA...assuming you are within the window of time to still be able to do it (before 6 months after the beginning of your use year).Alternatively, you can always rent your points here at VacationPointExchange.Hope that info helps.