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Greetings all.  Yes, I suppose you all would classify me as one of those "suckers" who bought into the DC Points Trust from Marriott.  But, I felt it was a good deal, my family and I LOVE the marriott system and Properties, and being able to use the board to get the additional points we needs seems to be the best of all worlds.  After reading this board, and tug2 I've come to the conclusion that Time Shares are like Congress and their Congressman...  Everyone thinks the system stinks, but theirs is AWESOME.  ;D

Joe:I have to live with the shame of purchasing my points direct from Marriott as well  ;D but you know what, I have enjoyed every every single trip I have taken so far using my points, and its a really nice feeling knowing your room is already paid for.  So as Steven said...its all attitude.  I feel that I have access to a great group of resorts, and the system seems to have the flexibility and ease of use that I was looking for, so for me and my family, we could not be happier.  So don't let the resale weeks owners shame you into a corner  ;)...stand tall....walk proudly...keep on smiling and enjoy those vacations!!