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Re: Re: First Time Trying to Rent – Question

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Thanks for that head's up, Fasttr.  Good to know that a full night's rate in points must be either legacy or trust, but not both.    Nobody wants leftovers that we'd need to scramble to match up to use.  So, are there increments that must be adhered to in the transfer process?  Can you transfer any increment of ~25 points or is it in other increments (100, 200, 500 etc.)?  Thanks again.

I believe you can transfer any quantity of points and that it does not even need to be in increments of 25.  It's certainly cleaner transferring increments of 25, but we are starting to see odd number of points (I have 795 points right now) so really any quantity is transferable.I'm glad you like the site.Best,Greg