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Re: Re: Does it matter if I rent Legacy or Trust Points?

Ad Listings Forums General Questions Does it matter if I rent Legacy or Trust Points? Re: Re: Does it matter if I rent Legacy or Trust Points?


Hello and welcome to vacationpointexchange.com and Marriott Vacation Club!Like slum808 said, the main advantage to trust points is that some inventory will be made available to their holders before it is made available to legacy point holders.  A property like MOC has a lot of demand, so what I would be looking for if I were you (to give you a better chance of getting what you're looking for) is for an owner with premier or premier plus status, who have a reservation window of 13 months for 1+ nights with no point premium to make the reservation for you and then change the name on the reservation to yours.  If you're a premier or premier plus MVC owner who just needs extra points, then disregard what I said in the previous paragraph.I don't know much about trading DVC for MVC, but I think you will be better off if you rent whatever points you will not be using for either one of the memberships.  There is a section in this forum which provides more information on trading MVC for DVC.MVC is great, as it provides more properties than DVC and other benefits like using your points for airfare and most cruise lines.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me anytime.  I can also help out with the 2015 points you need, I will send you a PM.  Good luck in getting your week and enjoy your MVC membership!