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Would your usage of the DC points system generally be weeklong reservations, or something less than a week.  The reason I ask is that by being at the lowest ownership level, you can still book full week (or longer) reservations 12 months from check in, and oddly enough, I have found that not all inventory is even made available at the 13 month mark for higher level owners to even book.  Some inventory may be made available sometime between the 13 and 12 month mark for higher owners to book, but the vast majority of eligible DC inventory is made available at the 12 month mark, so you should be ok, even for prime weeks at prime locations as long as you were prepared and were booking right as the 12 month window opens up.On the other hand, if you are looking to use the DC primarily for shorter stays (less than 7 nights), then as a lower level owner, you could only book those at 10 months out, where higher levels can book those at 13 months out.  That is where you may find a challenge as things could be picked over by 10 months out.Another option to consider is MVC seems to be pretty consistent allowing enrollment of a pre June 2010 purchased week (resale or developer does not matter) with the purchase of an Encore package as part of a presentation at a MVC resort.  Do you have any upcoming stays at a resort where you could attend a presentation and purchase the Encore package they offer you at the end (for a 4-6 night return trip and a second presentation).  Usually for $1200 or so, you get the return trip, get some Marriott Reward points, and if you bring it up, they will also enroll your unenrolled week for free.  Might be worth pondering as an option.  Not sure, but you may even be able to do it that way by just calling them up and purchasing an Encore package without being on site.  Good luck with your decision.