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Re: Re: can non-owners rent these points for use

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Just thought I'd add some comments …I'm a non-owner and I stumbled upon this site 2 years ago after someone suggested I look into renting timeshare points... and I love it ! I first used it last year for a trip to Hawaii and am actually returning to Hawaii this December again.  Both times I "rented" the points from 2 different timeshare owners for each of the 2 trips that I found on this site.  I managed to find some great deals that allowed me to stay at a 5 star resort for 1/3 of what it normally would with some added perks (i.e. reservation as owner means no extra costs in Hawaii like parking, etc and preferred treatment)!  I would strongly suggest a contract between you and the timeshare owner (I found mine on the internet). Also, I would suggest you only use PayPal to pay for the points as it's very secure and you have insurance if something goes wrong with the transaction.  By the way, there are a few administrators on the site that are always more than willing to help and very good at it I might add.Hope that helps & feel free to ask me questions if you want more info.