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Hi VPE'ers and aloha from Hawaii!  I found VPE just by doing some Googling about Marriott Destinations and "renting" points.I own a 13 week fraction at the Marriott Grand Residence Club in South Lake Tahoe.  I typically occupy, rent, or let a friend occupy my weeks.  We have been given the option to join DC (for owners that have owned prior to March 2013) and I have thought about tossing a few of my weeks in to the program to build up some points to either "rent" or to use for other vacations.I travel for fun 3 - 5 times per year but other than Tahoe or San Francisco, have different destinations for my trips (NYC, France, Italy, Thailand, etc...)  It *seems* like DC might give me some options, but I'm also worried about availability.  I read stories all the time from people saying that they have to be online and ready 365 days ahead of time to get the best availability.  Many of my trips have no more than 2 or 3 months of planning.  Thanks in advance for your patience!

Welcome to VPE, I think there is alot that you can do within the Marriott DClub and using points, and I hope that this becomes a productive discovery for you.  You have alot of points due to your fractional and some other owners have made a cottage  business out of renting out all those points.  I hope you rent some, use some and report back with great vacations!Welcome again!Best,Greg