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Disney Marriott

I'm so happy to have something to contribute, and not just be asking a question ! 🙂I just looked into this for flights for my family of 3.  We want a Charlotte to Phoenix, with a San Francisco to Charlotte return.  Booking through American Airlines would cost us $1,278.30.With using points, there are several factors.  You cannot book mulitple destinations like we need.  You can only book round trip or one way flights then to fit our needs.Also, for each flight, there is a $10 service charge per person.for the 1st leg, Charlotte to Phoenix, it would cost us 1500 points, additional cash outlay of $40.40 and fees of $30.00.the 2nd leg, San Francisco to Charlotte would be 2500 points, no additional cash, fees of $30.00.So all in all, 4000 points, plus approx $100 cash outlay.We will not be using the points option this time around.