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A different opinion here…I'm just a little over 200 pts shy of premier, but I've thought about the cost of bumping up to premier, and it just doesn't seem worth it.  Your case may be different, but it takes *** lot of bookings*** at 30 days or less to make up for the additional cost of taking on more points (resale or direct from Marriott).  In fact, if I were just starting out with the Marriott system & wanted to get into the points game, I'd agree with much of the advice you will see around: buy a small points package & rent whatever extra you need, saving $$$$ in initial outlay and only paying a few cents more per point to rent than the actual maintenance fee.  You can also rent from a premier/premier plus owner who can book for you at the 13 month window.Marriott does not own a lot of points at Grande Ocean to throw into the exchange pool (most of the inventory here is tied up with legacy week owners), so I'd be shocked if they can open up a decent amount of inventory for DC point booking at the 13 month mark (this is probably similar for MOW but I have paid less attention to the amount of points that Marriott owns there). On TUG, people also report limited inventory at the 13 month mark in generalIf you travel in spring to MOW or HHI, I doubt you will have booking difficulties at all other than for holidays/special events (and if you are flexible you actually might be able to take advantage of the 30 day discounted booking window). Summer, on the other hand, is a different story, but owning points above & beyond what you need won't really help the inventory situation (owning a summer week is what guarantees you a summer stay).  Legacy summer week owners do get a decent amount of points, so I am sure some open up their weeks to the DC when they want to exchange, but summer Grande Ocean has a high owner occupancy - i.e. the limited inventory.