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Mocha cherry

Since transferred points cannot be banked, borrowed or transferred again, you'll of course want to be accurate in calculating your needs. And, since points requirements vary on resort, date, unit size, view and days, that complicates things. Perhaps you can find someone who will work with you by agreeing to check availability (13 months out if they're Premier Plus, otherwise 12 months out), and either make the reservation for you (putting your name on their reservation) or transferring the exact number of points needed while on the phone with you and a Marriott VOA? I hope that is helpful. Cheers.

JeepieThanks for your help.  In learning about the points in the program, yes alot to understand.  So maybe when the time comes close to when I could call, I'll find a premier member who's willing to rent some points to me and check availablility too.  Great idea!  Thanks!