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This along the same lines of scammers, but I think Sellers need to be wary of potential scams from Buyers for identity fraud.

I recently had an experience where I was in contact with a potential buyer – I was asked for proof that I own the points, which is fair enough and a screenshot was sent.

The buyer then wanted further info about my account besides just my name and account number for transferring (I didn’t provide anything more).

I was asked for my phone number – which again is reasonable. I just made sure it wasn’t the one used for my Marriott account. Remember, when you call into MVCI, they ask for your phone # to verify it’s you.

Despite stating that Paypal was required for transaction, I was asked to accept a check, which I was assured would clear quickly. When I refused that, I was asked to provide my banking info, so a transfer could be done.

While none of these are proof of a phishing scam, my “antenna” went up I was decided against proceeding. I might have lost out of a transaction, but I think it’s worthwhile to be careful.