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I’m pretty sure I’m wearing out my welcome on this topic, but I’ll jump in anyway.

Doing a 25-point transfer merely gives you the same information Marriott can provide with a phone call. And if a seller is bound and determined to scam someone, the 25 points might show up. But there’s no assurance the remaining 2,775 points that you subsequently pay for will ever arrive.

Each side can ask for as much information as necessary, which Marriott in turn can confirm. While they won’t get involved in payment issues, Marriott has a compelling interest in making sure points are transferred correctly and both parties are satisfied.

Marriott is also more than happy to set up a three-way call so that seller and buyer can agree on what is to happen. Point transfers are confirmed immediately by Marriott during the call.

My main point is that Marriott is in the best position to verify both buyer and seller, since both sides are by definition owners. There does not appear to be any significant information gained by adding another level of verification.

Someone has to make the first move to complete the transaction. I happen to believe that transferring points first makes the most sense, but using Marriott as the middleman should enable buyer and seller to reach some level of comfort and agreement to the order in which the transaction is completed.