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Steven….if you want to keep yourself out of a lot of administrative responsibility with verifying users, etc., why not just set up “reduced scam risk recommended transfer procedures” that recommends after the general deal has been agreed to (price, # of points, which use year, etc), the seller transfers 25 points to the buyer to represent that they have an account, they have transferable points (some don’t realize banked points cannot be transferred as an example until its very late in the attempted transaction), that the points are for the Use Year agreed, and after that initial 25 point good faith transfer, $$ can change hands at which point the seller will transfer the remaining points as agreed. That keeps you out of it, and provides the buyer with some assurance that the seller is real, has an account, has points that can be transferred, etc…all with much more limited risk of getting screwed. From the seller perspective, worse they are out is 25 points if they never get paid.

Also, on the buyer side, after you get a points transfer, you do get an email from MVC (it can take a few days in my experience) stating that you received a transfer of X points and it does tell you the name on the account from which the transfer came from, so if you get screwed on the larger transfer, at least you have a real account name from the first 25 points initial transfer to attempt to have MVC help you out a little if they are inclined.

You would just have to make this the recommended/preferred approach and make it well known so that everybody understood the expectations. As a seller, I would look at this as a small additional inconvenience but would willingly comply as I understand that it is likely necessary to keep this peer to peer rental system as a positive and safe marketplace for all.