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Actually the seller can ask for, and have Marriott confirm, the name, address, telephone number, email and account number of the buyer. Marriott seems more than happy to do this in order to assure that points are being moved to the correct account. Given this much information, I doubt there are too many owners prepared to undertake a scam.

I agree that it could be painful for the seller if payment is not made. But that same problem would exist even under your proposal, that of adding license information. Small claims court would likely be the only recourse in either case.

I’m guessing the reference ‘doubt very many sellers that would transfer money first’ was supposed to read ‘points’ instead of ‘money’. This is where I believe you could make a real difference – if you were convinced of the viability and advantage of moving points first. If you were to recommended this as the best method, it would probably convince at least a few verified sellers to try it.

I also agree it comes down to a level of trust (and comfort). I just believe that Marriott can best supply the most accurate authentication (maybe not perfect, but about as good as you can get). More importantly it would eliminate the need for you to provide a service that I just envision riddled with potential issues and liabilities.

Thanks mostly for taking the time to consider the idea.