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Faking a driver’s license should not be too tough. Use your own and change the identifying information. No need to create one from scratch.

But I think the entire discussion of someone serving as a third party in a verification capacity introduces an unneeded level of complexity. Let Marriott fill that role.

I still believe that setting a protocol where points are moved before payment is made is about the safest and simplest method for transactions. As noted in an earlier post, it seems very unlikely that owners would be scammers. Moving points first means both sides are owners. The seller has a great deal of information about the buyer that can be confirmed by Marriott and the buyer has instant confirmation that the points have been moved.

Does anyone see a problem with this scenario that I’m overlooking? One potential issue is not getting paid, but if the terms of the agreement exist in some written form (emails) and given the amount of information about the buyer that Marriott either provides or confirms, this risk would seem to be minimal.

This solution only covers transfer-of-points transactions. Reservations made using holding points or for individuals who are not Destination Club members would not be covered.