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I think a verified moniker is a good option. Scammers are looking for easy hits, so putting any kind of roadblock will scare many of them away. Sure one could doctor a drivers license, but unless they know the MVC website and what it looks like, finding a fake would be pretty easy. Most scammers will move on to easier targets.

I don’t think it is necessary to actually confirm that the owner has the points available to rent every year. Just proving that they are a real owner is perhaps enough.

Nothing is fool proof, and I am sure it is possible that an owner could be a scammer, but it is doubtful that they would try to scam someone if someone else knew their owner number.

The only issue is liability with verifying an owner. What if someone who is verified scams someone? I think you need to put the onus on the person renting the points from an owner. Owners should be willing to verify that they are legit if they want to rent out their points. I like the small 25 point transfer idea to prove you own points, then transfer the rest.