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Marriott Vacation Club Specials–does Marriott ever reduce points needed

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    for any properties.  Do they have point specials?

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    Yes. There were some specials “Valid for stays between April 15 and June 30, 2013” for Orlando, Oceana Palms and a couple other resorts. I think it was 40% discount for stays of 6 nights or more and a 25% discount for five night stays. There was also a discount for Kauai Lagoons when it was in construction and also for a short while after. Though I think that has ended. It ranged anywhere from 35%-55% depending on the time of year you traveled.

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    The only one I knew of and took advantage of was Kauai Lagoons.  Stayed there 10 days with an ocean view for like 3700 points.  It was a total bargain.  I think the discount when I booked was like 40%.

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    The points needed for making a reservation is also reduced if booking at the last minute. For executive level there is a 25% discount on bookings 30 days out and for presidential and above there is a 30% discount 60 days out. There is no last minute booking discounts for ownership of less than 7000 credits.

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