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Listings for Marriott Destination Club (15)


Renting 6,225 Elected Points for 2018 @$.65

I will rent these points to you or make a reservation. See also the listing for 5,600 Trust Points, which may be combined with this […]

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5,600 DC trust points for 2018 for rent @$.65

I will rent you these points or make a reservation for you. Also renting 6,225 Elected Points.

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Points for rent for 2018

7,720 points for rent for 2018

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Deed owners seek rental week

Deed/Legacy owners seek a 1week Oceanside 1 Bdr/full kitchen rental at Marriott Ocean Pointe for week starting Feb 2, 2019.  If you have DP’s for […]

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6,450 Legacy Destinations Points

Point Type: Legacy Use Year: 2019 Point Expiration Date: Dec 31, 2019 Acceptable Payment Methods: PayPal

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1,950 Destination Club Points (Current Year – 2018)

I have some extra points for this year that I don’t need and rather than bank them, I’m looking to rent them. I’ve participated in […]

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I have up to 8100 2019 Points for transferring to your account

I own Legacy plus destinations points which are all now usable for the year 2019. There is always a lot of confusion about legacy etc.. […]

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Looking to rent points for 2018 use.

I will need 2000 points to make a reservation.

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10,000 2019 trust points – Verified Seller

I have 10,000 2019 Trust Points for rent. They are completely un-restricted and good till December 31st, 2019. I actually own these points, I am […]

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Verified Seller – Points for 2019, have transferred over 6 million pt...

Marriott Destination Points for 2019 Highly trusted. Have transferred over 6 million points. I have as many Destinations Points as you need at 62 cents […]

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Wanted to Rent – Marriott points / reservation Canyon Villas July 6, ...

We have a reservation at Marriott Canyon Villas in a 2 bedroom July 7th through July 14th 2018. We are flying in July 6th. I […]

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VERIFIED SELLER 4,500 Points Usage 2019

I am a Verified Seller and I have 4,500 unrestricted MVC Destination points for usage year 2019 that can be transferred immediately.

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4225 Year 2019 Marriott DP Points for Sale

Have two completed transactions in the past that had positive feedback. https://vacationpointexchange.com/discussion/topic/completed-transactions-as-of-522017/ While not verified buyer, can send screenshot of Marriott account with point value.

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